Note that the restaurant closing times vary nightly depending on patrons ability to keep our barmen busy!

Call us on 011 463 3847

Food kitchen serving hours:

Monday 8am - 4pm
Tuesday - Friday 7am - 9:30pm
Saturday 8am - 9:30pm
Sundays and public holidays 8am - 4pm

Sweet Platters

Sweet Platters


lemon meringue tartlets

sweet pastry case filled with lemon curd, topped with meringue


Chocolate hazelnut tartlets

sweet pastry case filled with chocolate ganache and topped with hazelnuts


Fruit tartlets

sweet pastry case filled with custard and topped with glazed fresh seasonal fruit


Melk Terts

sweet pastry case filled with creamy milk custard and topped with cinnamon


Chocolate cheesecake

baby New York baked chocolate cheesecakes topped with white chocolate shavings


Oreo cheesecake

Oreo chocolate biscuit baked mini cheesecakes


Chocolate Eclairs

Mini classic choux pastry dipped in “real” chocolate and filled with sweetened cream.



classic Portuguese piped fried pastry rolled in cinnamon sugar


Mini PavlovasNew

Baby meringue cases filled with cream and fresh fruit


Classic cup cakes

Victoria sponge, choc or cappuccino cup cakes