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Everyday Meeting Platters

Everyday Meeting Platters


Gourmet sarmie platter


Assorted gourmet sandwiches including; chicken mayo & avo on low GI seeded , smoked salmon & cream cheese on rye; roast beef , wholegrain mustard & gerkins on wholewheat; chicken mayo & peri peri relish on brown & BLT (bacon , lettuce and tomato) on white (40 pieces)

Half gourmet sarmie platter

Sarmie platter


Assorted sandwiches including, chicken mayo on wholewheat, salami and mozzarella on white, ham and cheese on brown, tuna mayo on wholewheat, cheese and tomato on white (40 pieces)

Half Sarmie platter

Toasted platter


Assorted toasted sandwiches including: bacon & egg, bacon & cheese, chicken mayo & bacon, cheese & tomato and cheese and mushroom
(40 pieces)

Half Toasted platter

Gourmet toasted platter


Assorted gourmet toasted sandwiches including: chicken mayo, bacon & avo on brown; mince cheese on wholewheat; bacon, egg and cheese on white ; chicken mayo, cheese and jalepeno on brown @salami , mozzarella & avo on rye (40 pieces) 
(40 pieces)

Half gourmet sarmie platter

Meze platter


Duo of dips (taramasalata & Hummus) with mini pita bread ; spiced beef meat balls  ; haloumi fingers , crumbed calamari served with lemon aoli ,marinated chicken skewers, spanakopita & bruschetta with sundried tomato tapenade , olives and feta cheese

Half meze platter

Ploughmans platter


Assorted cheeses (brie , gorgonzola & cheddar ) , pickles,preserves, assorted cold meats (salami & roast beef) with mini bread rolls , scotch eggs and choice of pate (chicken liver or smoked trout )

Half Ploughmans platter

Mini roll platter


Assorted mini rolls including, signature steak on ciabatta, prego chicken on continental, chicken mayo, bacon and avo on ciabatta, ham and cheese on continental and cheese and tomato on health (30 pieces)

Half Mini Roll platter

Boerito platter


Mini Tortilla wraps with an assortment of fillings including; BBQ Pulled pork and slaw, chicken mayo & avo, beef strips, marinated red onion and harrissa mayo & grilled chicken, avo and feta cheese (32 pieces)

Half boerito platter

Open sandwich platter


Assorted open sandwiches including: Parma ham with brie and onion marmalade, salmon, horseradish and dill crème fraiche, cottage cheese & grilled chicken breast with Mediterranean pesto and chicken Mayo and Avo (40 pieces)


Half open sarmie platter

Sushi platter


Assorted salmon sushi consisting of California rolls, rainbow rolls, fashion sandwiches, and maki rolls. Soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi included.